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Let's begin...
I purchased this digital camera, the Fuji Finepix 2300, in late summer 2002; so don't expect baby pictures, you sick pervert. At the time I was landscaping for myself in the sweltering hot summer sun in upstate new york. My company consists of myself, and my two lazy employees, Andrey Polonsky on the right and John Sireci on the left (I'd employ my dog too but they don't allow employment of illegal aliens, especially dogs with laser beams instead of eyes):

We did fun things, like drill large holes and put long 4x4's and cement in them. I drilled myself and these helpless souls for 72 hours a week all summer long. The climax was a $2500 fence job we completed in a bit over a week, special benefits included the use of a three person gas-powered auger:

(can you find all 5 sexual references in the paragraph above?)

As a self-reward for the hard work, Andrey, John and I decided to take a relaxing camping trip to the Aiderondack's, specifically to beautiful Tupper Lake:


It wasn't long before this all male trip turned homosexual. Being assaulted by a 14 inch hand carved wooden dildo is never funny:


The trip was perhaps the most relaxing and well-timed excursion of my life. After working so hard for so long, our bodies definetely needed the rest. Before the four day trip was over, we felt refreshed and almost ready to return to school:


I returned home just in time for the pre-2nd year split with my then girlfriend Jill. This event, coupled with the sexually confusing camping trip, left me naive and impressionable, thank god the hotties at UVA kept me on the right path.

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