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Ok, so I know what you're all thinking: "What the hell Colin?!? That was college? What a load of crap! All you did was talk about being wasted all the time, but there's no evidence! I think you're full of shit! And also, fuck you Colin... fuck you. Shut the fuck up Colin. God damnit, shut the fuck up! I will kill you, I will fucking kill you!"
Ok, ok, put the knife down. You're right, you're right. As an attempt to make up for my lack of drunken pics, I've compiled several into this one easy to reach branch of the website. I'll try to keep the storytelling to a minimum, and the drunk picturing to a maximum... Also, as a bonus, I'll include pictures of every girl I hooked up with in college at the end of this page.

Ok, so here we go. The first drunken pic is of Zach and I in a loving embrace. I think my head looks terrifyingly big in this pic, I might need some airbrushing to make it look a bit smaller...

The next drunken pic is a homosexual pose by Gavin and Zach. It really doesn't work though, since they're both obviously takers...

The third drunken pic is zach and I stealing alcohol from a house where a mixer had taken place. In general, I am against stealing, but it doesn't count when stealing from frat guys. I poured some vodka into a small bottle and put it in my pocket, then rode home on my bike. On the way, I took a terrible dive over a curb at about 20mph, and crashed and slid along the pavement. I was too drunk to feel pain, so i got up and noticed a ten foot long splash of vodka on the ground. The glass bottle had broken under me when I fell. My stomach was a bit scraped up, but I was hardly bleeding. My jacket fared the worst, with several holes in it. I still wish to this day that I had a picture of the vodka stain on the ground... or a movie of me crashing.

The next drunken pic was of Zach trying to withdraw money from an ATM machine. He wasn't too successful...

The next two pics are of me making stupid drunken faces. Enjoy.

As for the pictures of the girls I hooked up with, you should have known I was joking. I've never hooked up with any girls.

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